December 2023 Update: RTR (ready to run) wagons available of delivery February 2023

A (very) small number of RTR wagons (some at reduced price) are available for delivery mid-February 2024. 

The models were printed to a high standard by our current Hong Kong based supplier achieving a similar surface finish to injection moulded plastic. However due to the printing process defects may be more visible on one side and end of the model due to the nature of the printing process which tends to result in one 'sharp' and one 'soft' side on a model.

A number of the Planked and 1946 version of the Covered Wagon or Van are available at reduced price as a result of handling damaged or minor print defects.

Our current supplier prints at a higher resolution than our original supplier which results in improved surface finish and crisper detail like the clearer reproduction of the label clip on our Standard Irish Open Wagon also highlights errors in the original CAD work.

Brake Vans

We are planning to carry a small number of both versions or Brake Van in stock in RTR and CKD form during 2024. A 1956 John Edgington photo indicates that 20T vans with sheeted duckets were in service as early as 1956 opening up options for further livery variations.

CKD Wagons (kits)

We are planning to hold a small number of CKD wagons in stock from February 2024 in order to fulfil orders within a 3-4 week timeframe.





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