March 2022 Update

We seem to be achieving a degree of normality with production and shipping after the challenging times of the past year, currently fulfilling back orders and we are now accepting orders.

We finalised the graphics for current and planned models with Railtec Models our transfer supplier and completed have now completed decorated samples for our open, covered and railway owned bulk grain wagons.

We are now supplying undecorated open and covered wagons with decal sets which include both CIE flying snail and wheel logos, tare and 10 sets of running numbers. Undecorated wagons are supplied in CKD (completely knocked down) form with wheels and couplings fitted, for painting and final assembly by the customer. 

March 2022 Decorated Samples.

17012-17221 Series Wagon as introduced dark grey green lettering.

7012-17221 Series Wagon 1960s wheel logo and lettering light grey.

7012-17221 Series Wagon  wheel logo post 1970 brown

Grain Wagons. 

We have developed a specific Decal Sheet for these wagons due to the level of variation within such as small group (10) of wagons.

16404 "Snail logo" GSR lettering and numerals with GS "grinning through" paintwork.

16407 & 16410 small stencil snail and running numbers "Grain Traffic Only"

16406 CIE Wheel Logo, Bulk Grain (GSR?) Block running numbers.

Future Models.

LMA Wagons. An unusual group of metal bodies introduced in the early 1950s ideal for adding variety to goods trains.

Currently at prototyping stage for introduction 2-3 Quarter 2022

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