October 2021 Update

Production was disrupted during August and September 2021 as a result of a combination of Covid 19 restrictions in New Zealand and delays in receiving goods from overseas suppliers.

We are now concentrating on fulfilling current orders our main 3D print suppliers having resumed operation following the easing of Covid restrictions in Auckland and the arrival of supplies from overseas.

We expect to begin shipping brake van (brown & light grey) and unlettered open wagon orders by Mid-November.

CIE 17012-17221 Series Covered Wagons

We recently completed successful test prints of these wagons for release in March-April 2022. We are planning to release these wagons in un-decorated and decorated form with a choice of alternate running numbers to be applied by the purchaser.  The CIE wheel emblem was prepared by Railtec-Models to our artwork for the Brake Vans, the decorated version of the van will include Tare and a selection of 10 running numbers.

Ranks Grain Wagon

I completed a number of decorated samples of these wagons and I am planning a small production batch for delivery in early 2022 to test whether it viable to produce the Ranks wagon as a rtr model.


We have reviewed our pricing as a result of a change in 3D print supplier in response to problems experienced during the manufacture of the Brake Vans. The change in supplier should result in an improvement in both the quality and durability of our models.

The ensuring price increases do not effect current orders.

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