February 2024 Update: Expressions of interest: CIE 20T Brake Van rebuilt version

I am accepting "Expressions of Interest" in order our newest variations of the humble CIE 20T Goods Brake Van that ran at the rear of the majority of Irish Goods Trains up to the late 1970.

Our latest models are of the all planked and ply sheeted versions of vans fitted with metal duckets or look outs from the mid-1960s onwards.

The all planked version is based on 23642 preserved at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Cultra,

The sheeted ply cabin with vertical planked veranda version is based on a photo of 23508 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock of CIE & NIR--Doyle and Hirch Signal Press 1979


The graphics on our pre-production sample are a mock up using decals used with an earlier version of the van and are not the final version.

We are accepting expressions of interest at this stage info@jmdesignmr.co.nz to establish if there is sufficient demand to proceed to manufacture of this particular model.

At this stage we expect the updated version of the van to sell at a similar price point to the RTR and CKD/Kits on our website.

For further information on our models is available on the Irish Railway Modeller Newsgroup https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/forum/57-jm-design/

















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