About us

JM Design is a small scale manufacturer of high quality ready to run models and kits.

Established in 2011 the business initially focusing on etched brass and nickel silver 1:76 Scale Irish outline locomotive and rolling stock kits and detail accessories, we are currently developing a range of ready to run models using 3D printing technology.

Migrating from Ireland to New Zealand in 2004 the current range of models reflects my own major modelling interests Irish Railway and the Welsh and North American narrow gauge.

Irish Wagon Collection

Models of traditional "loose coupled" goods wagons manufactured using SLA technology with Markits blackened brass wheels and Bachmann 36-030 coupling with NEM shaft. SLA models are laser printed in resin which minimises but does not eliminate the layered effect present using FDM and earlier 3D printing technology.

Although our models are printed in resins with resilient properties SLA models require careful handling as resin prints are more brittle and susceptible to damage than models manufactured using plastic injection molding.

JM Design Etched Kits and Parts

Our etched kits are produced in minimum batches of 10-12 kits subject to pre-order. Etched parts for some of our kits are available to order within a 6-8 week lead time direct from our photo engravers.

Our kits focused on coaching stock introduced by CIE during the 1950s 'modernisation era" and pre-amalgamation era locos and stock that operated until the late 1950s.